Pete Turnham GED

Scholarship Fund

ALAPCAE is a non-profit organization that actively encourages young people to obtain high school equivalency and then pursue higher educational goals.

Pete Benton Turnham (1920–2019) was a highly respected advocate for Alabama adult education. As a member of the Alabama House of Representatives for many years, he dedicated unwavering support to Alabama adult education programs.

To commemorate his dedication, ALAPCAE annually awards the Pete Turnham Scholarship to deserving students from each of the nine regions in Alabama.

Dr. Naomi Scales

HSDO Scholarship Fund

Dr. Naomi Scales is Alabama's longest term adult education employee (56 years). Currently serving as an Adult Education Administrator at the Alabama Community College System (ACCS), her dedication to student success is unquestioned.

Dr. Scales is a long-term ALAPCAE Board member who serves in the position of ACCS Representative. She earned a Master of Education Degree from Alabama State University, and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Administration and Higher Education from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Without a doubt, Dr. Scales is the catalyst behind the success of many students and adult education programs statewide, which is why ALAPCAE dedicated its new High School Diploma Option (HSDO) scholarship in her honor. Her legacy will continue in perpetuity through the funding of this honorary scholarship.

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how you can help

You can help us support GED graduates by pledging your tax-deductible donation for as little as $5.00 or as large as your heart desires. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward paying tuition, books, and supplies for those hard-working GED graduates who can appreciate higher education.

2021 Pete Turnham Scholarship Winners


Rita Rencher

District 8 Winner
Coastal Alabama Community College

Zewen Ma

District 4 Winner Elect
Jefferson State Community College

Sevide Adingi

District 3 Winner
Shelton State Community College

Morgan Tasker

District 9 Winner
Wallace State Community College

Paula Harris

District 1 Winner
Calhoun Community College

Janeshia White

District 7 Winner
Trenholm State Community College