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President's Message

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Tonya Willoughby


ALAPCAE Colleagues:


What an honor it is to serve as the 2021-2022 ALAPCAE president! I am looking forward to an exciting year of developments as adult educators emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Although we were deeply challenged by the pandemic, we have survived (and even thrived) in the face of near-insurmountable obstacles and light-speed changes.  Teachers had to become very fast learners of new technologies and teaching methods.  Many students had to learn in uncomfortable and unfamiliar ways.  The world has changed, and ALAPCAE has changed with it.


During the coming year, we are striving to cater to the needs of members.  Upcoming plans include not only the 2022 summer conference, but also professional development opportunities, a recommitment to issuing our newsletter – The ALAPCAE Anthem, development of an ALAPCAE Board of Directors handbook, continued use of our Socio conference app, and deeper involvement of District Representatives.


I would like to thank my predecessor, Phyllis Kelley, for her sustained support of me during my tenure, as well as support for the membership as a whole.  She and I believe strongly in the benefits and potential of this association.  Ms. Kelley is to be thanked for making the 2021 ALAPCAE conference one of the best!


If you are not currently a member, consider joining this respected association of your peers.  Annual membership is tax-deductible and only costs $20.00.  Members of ALAPCAE can:


  • ​Vote in elections

  • Run for a position on the Board of Directors

  • Receive quarterly newsletters

  • Contribute to the Pete Turnham Scholarship Fund

  • Create professional development opportunities for statewide Adult Education staff

  • Enjoy add-on memberships including COABE (Coalition on Adult Basic Education), ProLiteracy, and the National Coalition for Literacy. 


The 2021-2022 Board of Directors will continually rethink the efforts of this prestigious organization.  We are only as strong as our members, so please send your questions, comments, and suggestions to info@alapcae.com.  Every inquiry will receive a response.


Thank you for being the best that Alabama has to offer!




Tonya Willoughby