Greetings fellow ALAPCAE members:

ALAPCAE elections are just around the corner and will be held online. Candidacies for office will be accepted from Monday, June 11, 2018 through Monday,  July 9, 2018 (eight weeks prior to elections, candidacy cut-off four weeks prior to elections). Voting shall take place via Survey Monkey starting Monday, August 6,2018 and ending Monday, August, 13, 2018. ALAPCAE’s Constitution and By-Laws require three ALAPCAE members to assist in the election process with the board committee chair. ALAPCAE board members should be utilized as long as they are not on the ballot. A list of eligible voters (current ALAPCAE members) will be used during elections to ensure that only ALAPCAE members are voting. The volunteer poll workers will make certain that the voter is an ALAPCAE member. The member will then vote and turn in their ballot.

Office candidacies for the 2018 elections are for:

  • President-Elect
  • Director-at-Large
  • District 2 Representative
  • District 4 Representative
  • District 6 Representative
  • District 8 Representative

Please send the Declaration of Candidacy, along with the District Map, to the ALAPCAE Membership Chair, Randall Muck at, or complete the form at right.  We encourage you to take part in ALAPCAE by running for office.

Application and district maps are available in the above links.

Complete the above application to email or complete the form below:

  • To be eligible for office, a candidate must be an active member in good standing.  Candidates for District Directors must reside or be employed in the district for which they wish to run.  Only the Nominations and Elections Committee can determine eligibility or ineligibility of candidates.
  • The Nominations and Elections Committee must verify each candidate's qualifications.  Each candidate will be notified of the receipt of their declaration of candidacy.

By clicking "Submit," you are declaring your candidacy for the declared office of ALAPCAE and affirming that you are eligible for office by the standards stated on this page.